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Sport Hub Antigonish is a pilot project that supports collaboration amongst community sport organizations, municipal recreation departments and provincial stakeholders to enhance the quality of sport in our community together.

Sport Hub provides a one-stop-shop solution that reduces the resources required to plan, enroll, and manage sports while strengthening the accessibility of all sports through improved collaborative scheduling, age grouping, amongst many other initiatives that maximize the positive impact on athlete improvement and overall participation in sport.

With the development of our Sport Hub pilot, we’re also working on a well thought out evaluation plan to support key learnings, outcomes and indicators.  Ideally, this will help create the framework to grow and engage with fall and winter sport providers, and additional spring and summer community sport organizations for partnership opportunities in the near future. Stay tuned!    

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No way! This service is free and is made possible by generous support from:

  • The Town of Antigonish
  • The Municipality of the County of Antigonish
  • The Province of Nova Scotia - Department of Communities, Culture, & Heritage 
  • Sport Nova Scotia 

Each sport program will have varying costs depending on what they offer. You will be able to sign participants up for various activities with multiple organizations and easily keep track of the associated costs. In short, the programs may have fees associated but being part of Sport Hub is free!

If you are interested in pursuing financial support to participate, check out Kidsport and Canadian Tire Jumpstart

To begin, we’re working with a handful of partners (community sport organizations) that provide programming opportunities in Spring/Summer in our community:

  • StFX Track and Field Club
  • Celtics Soccer Club
  • Antigonish Baseball Association
  • Antigonish Minor Softball Association
  • Antigonish Challenger Baseball
  • Antigonish Rowing Club
  • Antigonish Golf Club
  • Town of Antigonish Recreation
  • Antigonish County Recreation

The project is also supported in various ways by:

  • The Town of Antigonish
  • The Municipality of the County of Antigonish
  • The Province of Nova Scotia - Department of Communities, Culture, & Heritage 
  • Sport Nova Scotia 

How to Register

To begin, ensure you have added at least 1 adult to your family. Just because you have created the account doesn't mean you are automatically part of the family yet. As an account holder, you are a "user". Once you add yourself to the family profile, you become a "member".

Ensure the participant wishing to register is added as a family member on your family profile as well.

Edit and save their profile information. The information provided here helps provided custom programming suggestions based on their demographics.

You will see the participant listed in your family chart – to the right, there will be buttons providing action options for each member. Using the “Edit” button allows you to make changes to the participant’s profile information at any time.

If this is the first time you are registering this participant, you will need to read and accept the participation waiver. By clicking the button “Sign Waiver” you will be able to view the document.

Once the waiver has been read and accepted, you will be redirected back to your family chart. You will now see a check-mark under the waiver column and the “Register” button will now be available.

Click “Register” to see a list of custom activity options for the participant. You can click on the programs for more information. Select the programs you wish to register for using the checkboxes provided and click “Register” again at the bottom of the page to submit your registration.

You will be redirected back to the family management page where you will be able to view the totals owed to each organization and links to payment process details. If the status of a program you just registered for still says "Pending", you are able to remove the participant from the program via the registration system. However, once the status of the registration has been "Confirmed" by the Sport Organization, you will have to reach out to them to make a change. Other possible registration status include: Waitlist, Quit, Cancelled, etc. 


That was the plan! We were going to bring each of our partner organizations together for a number of in-person registration events to get everyone in the same place at the same time to kick off the Summer sport season and allow families time to ask questions and get to know the various organizations.

For obvious reasons we are not currently able to gather so this offering is on hold for now. We look forward to holding these events in the future and talking to you then! Be sure to create an account and sign up for our emails for now so when the time comes we can communicate with you.

Creating an account will sign you up for our newsletter list. However, you can maintain your account but unsubscribe from the newsletter any time.

When you are logged in, click on your username in the top right corner. Here you are able to subscribe and unsubscribe to the newsletter list. Here, you can also change your password. 

But we'd hate to see you go! We won't over-send, we promise! 

Some of our local athletes wanted to demonstrate how they are staying fit and having fun when required to stay at home.

This video includes some ideas for continued training and activities during off-time from the usual activities you and your family may be missing out on due to the current public health situation. 

Click here for the video!

Sport Hub is brand new and still in pilot phase, so not all organizations in the area are integrated yet. Other groups have their own way of registering and like to keep it standardized year over year. Over time, new sport organizations will likley become available on Sport Hub, but until then, if there’s a group your child wants to play with that isn’t listed on Sport Hub, you’ll have to contact that team directly to sign up.

Sport is directly delivered by our community sport organization partners – coaches from the track club deliver track, baseball coaches deliver baseball, and so on.   Each sport remains their own individual organization, with their own board members, volunteers and leaders (i.e. Celtics Soccer is still Celtics Soccer).  The Sport Hub simply provides an umbrella of overall support and structure to our partner organizations to work together in a variety of areas that increases the quality of sport for our community as a whole.  

Absolutely! We strongly encourage this, especially at a young age. In order to make this easier to do, our partner organizations have worked together to coordinate schedules together, so that when we do get back up and running there will be fewer programming conflicts. Instead of, for example, having ball and soccer on the same night for the same age group, we've worked hard to align schedules to encourage multisport participation. Cool eh?

Generally, there are two main sport seasons. Of course, 2020 has been very different, but usually we run registration in the early Spring for Spring/Summer programs, and run registration again in the Fall for Fall/Winter programs.

However, there may be some activities available to be registered for on the Sport Hub site that have registrations at other times of the year. So keep an eye on the site and on your inbox for Newsletter updates!

We would love for you to take part in The Hub community! Send your information to admin@mysporthub.ca  letting us know you’re looking to integrate your organization, and someone will reach out to you to continue the conversation.

There are a number of programs that help cover some of the costs associated with sport and recreation participation. 

Kidsport and Canadian Tire Jumpstart are available to assist families with registration fees and equipment for participants 18 years of age or younger. 

The more Hubs, the merrier! We’d love to help you out to incorporate this model into community sport in your area.

If you’re interested in starting up a Sport Hub in your community, contact us at admin@mysporthub.ca with your ideas and questions. 

All of our partner community sport organizations are volunteer organizations with a variety of volunteer role opportunities on an ongoing basis. Roles such as board members, coaches, officials, etc. are critical to the delivery of sport at the community level. Do you have computer skills? Accounting skills? Management experience? Think you could run a canteen? Get in touch with the organization of your choice using the contact information on their details page. 

If you have any general questions, feel free to send an email to admin@mysporthub.ca 

We want everything about sport in Antigonish to be as simple and clear as it can be. That goes for this platform too! If you find any functionality issues, please let us know.

For example, if the font is the wrong size, or the colours make it hard to read, or the menus are difficult to navigate. We want to make sure finding the information you want is easy, so help us serve you better by letting us know of any issues you encounter.

Simply bring the issue to the attention of admin@mysporthub.ca 

Stock photography is boring. To enhance our promotional materials, we would love to have real photos of real local families participating in real local programs! With the permission of those in the photos, of course. 

If you have photos you would be willing to share with us to use in promotional material for our local organizations and the hub, please send to admin@mysporthub.ca