Port Hawkesbury/Antigonish Swim Team (PHAST)

PHAST is affiliated with Swim Nova Scotia, and is structured in accordance with Swim Nova Scotia guidelines and bylaws. PHAST is a competitive swim club whose members train and compete at a variety of levels as determined by Swim Nova Scotia time standards.

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Absolutely not!! If you can swim a length of the pool (or close to it) we will take it from there.  We have coaches who were swimmers on a swim team before and will teach you how to do it right and how to become phast. 

Not at all, all the training is done at the St.FX pool for swimmers in the Antigonish area and the SAERC pool for swimmers in the Port Hawkesbury area.  Training typically consists of about 1.5 hour sessions, 4 days a week during the weekday evenings. 

No, typically there is one swim meet a month and it is usually a 1- or 2-day meet depending on the swimmers level of competition.  Newer swimmers swim meets are usually once every 2 months or so and are held within a 2 hour drive. Typically, they are in Pictou, Truro, Port Hawkesbury and they are only for an afternoon to get them used to how a swim meet normally runs. 

Swimmers who have advanced to the gold level will have opportunities to compete in their age division. Nova Tech swimmers will also have their own swim meet to try and attain their own qualifications and move on towards bronze, silver, and gold levels.

New swimmers start off in Nova Tech.  Nova Tech is the introuctory program for competitive swimming.  The aim is to focus on technique, support a learning curve for the rules of swimming, and create a progressive introduction to the various events offered throughout our sport. 

In Nova Tech, swimmers will develop their skills and work towards getting faster times in the water and developing different styles of strokes in order to advance to high levels. 

We normally start in early to mid September and go right until the end of June or early July.  There is no locked in commitment to swim, it's a month-to-month system and swimmers can start or stop anytime during the season. Feel free to come and give it a try before signing up and commiting! 

A swimmer must attain certain qualifications in each level in order to advance to higher levels. A swimmer will start in Nova Tech, once qualifications are met, the swimmer will advance to bronze, then silver, and finally gold level. 

The equipment is very minimal, goggles, swim trunks/swimsuit, and a cap.  Fees typically range between $125 - $155/month depending on the number of swims per week and the level of competition of the individual swimmer. 

Feel free to contact us here with any additonal questions or for more information about our programs! 


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